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Edith Moorhouse Primary School Reach For The Stars




Pam Evans


Deputy Headteacher
Marie Lowry


Office staff
Business Manager - Helen Smith 
Office Manager - Samantha Bellenie
Office Administrator - Anita Steele


SENDCo - Emma Harris 
Nurture TAs: Karon Parry, Claire Payne (ELSA)
Speech, Language and Inclusion assistant - Claire Hughes


Early Years and Foundation Stage

Emily Moore - Preschool teacher - Sparks class

Sharon Oakes - Reception class teacher - Flame class
Jo Kinch/Kim Franklin - Reception class teachers - Blaze class


Key Stage 1
Claire Sinclair (KS1 Dept Lead) - Yr1/Yr2 class teacher - Ocean class
Amy Thomas - Yr2 class teacher - Lagoon class
 Anna Rippin - Yr1 class teacher - River class



Lower Key Stage 2
Ellie Carter (LKS2 Dept Lead) - Yr3/4 class teacher - Granite class

Chloe Bennett - Yr3/4 class teacher - Quartz Class

Morwenna Hurst/Nadine Lewis - Yr3/4 class teacher - Marble class
Farideh Fletcher - Yr3/4 class teacher - Basalt class


Upper Key Stage 2
Wendy Perks (UKS2 Lead) - Yr5/6 class teacher - Tempest class

Tamsin Propert-Lewis - Yr5/6 class teacher - Mistral class

Georgina Partridge - Yr5/6 class teacher - Zephyr class


Teaching assistants
Alice Bristow, Madeline Little, Rebecca Walters, Viv Norgrove, Teresa Carroll, Angie Cridland (HLTA), Anna Walecki, Tracy Wilson, Paula Holmes, Emily Jones (HLTA), Donna Wingate, Hannah Gush, Amy McCutcheon, Rachael Brooks, Nikki Holcombe, Sarah Purdy, Carly Vozar, Natalie Fidler, Ami Nicklen, Emily Calcutt


Extended care staff
Extended Care Manager - Vicky Dover
Extended Care Staff - Vanessa Tinson, Madeline Little, Alice Bristow, Claire Payne, Caroline Pritchett, Amy McCutcheon, Kelsey Buckley, Tricia Woodward, Neely Lodge
Support staff

Lunchtime Supervisors and Cleaning team: Sue Eason, Caz Pritchett, Jackie Watts, Joan Tandy, Lesley Cross, Neely Lodge, Machaela Austin, Sarah Harrison, Kelsey Buckley, Julie Price, Debbie Price, Heather Williams, Becky Sackett, Sarah Roberts

Site Manager: Erin Lewis