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Mathematics at Edith Moorhouse Primary School


The learning of mathematics is an integral part of the Primary Curriculum. It provides an effective way of building mental discipline as well as logical reasoning. Mathematics also plays a crucial role in an individual's understanding of the wider curriculum, including science, music and art.


At Edith Moorhouse, mathematics plays a key role in ensuring we provide a broad and balanced curriculum that is both challenging and enjoyable, underpinned by our curriculum drivers: oracy, enrichment and diversity. Our expectation is that all learners should become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics: fluency, problem solving and reasoning. These are the building blocks that help pupils build a solid mathematical foundation. We follow the White Rose Scheme of Learning to ensure our teaching builds on small, manageable steps in order to help children understand the overall concepts. When introducing new learning, we use concrete, pictorial and abstract approaches in order to embed a deeper understanding, using an 'I do, we do, you do' strategy, which has ensured we have developed a mastery approach to the teaching and learning within mathematics. We also encourage our children to think and talk like mathematicians in order to develop their ability to articulate, discuss and explain using precise vocabulary. 


Investigating numbers...

Pupil Voice

What the children ahve to say about their learning in Maths: 


Do you enjoy Maths? What do you like about Maths?

"I like outdoor Maths, running around to find the answers." (Year 5)

"I really like Maths." (Year 5)

"I like Active Maths." (Year 5) 

"I like Maths because it's enjoyable and I learn different things." (Year 4)

"I like Maths because I liked doing times table checks every Friday and they were really fun." (Year 4)

"I like Maths because it challenges my brain." (Year 4)

"Yes I absolutely love it.  Although it can be hard I still find it fun." (Year 3)

"I like matching in Maths." (Year 1)


Do you feel challenged?

"Yes, lots of different methods to find the same answer. Sometimes we have to do the working out in our books, sometimes we do it in our heads" (Year 4)

"I can use my knowledge for other problems again - it all links together." (Year 3)

"I feel challenged because sometimes it’s new stuff that I have learnt before." (Year 1)


How do you know if you have made progress in Maths?

"We have done little tests at the beginning of a unit and at the end to see how much we have learned." (Year 5)

"We might not have understood something at the beginning but now we’ve practised, we know more." (Year 4)



Y6 Accelerated Maths Day Pupil Voice