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Dandelion Club

Dandelion Club is a club for service children that runs a weekly Well-being programme for 10 weeks during each long term. The programme is run in two groups by Mrs Nicklen our Assistant Service Pupil Ambassador. Group one invites children from years 1, 2 and 3; group two from years 4, 5 and 6.


The 10 week programme


Week 1 - Getting to know you session, pupil voice, letter writing

Week 2 - Mindfulness

Week 3 - Belonging (including the family tree)

Week 4 - Creative Wrtiting

Week 5 - Separation

Week 6 - Super Heroes

Week 7 - Change and Coping Skills

Week 8 - This is me

Week 9 - Service pupil choice session

Week 10 - Celebration/party


In every session there will also be colouring available, biscuits and a drink for talking time. At the end of each session, two children from the group will get to take one of our teddy's home on an adventure with a scrap book to complete and share at the next session. 


Dandelions - Summer term 2022/2023

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