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Online Safety

E-Safety is an important part of our safeguarding here at Edith Moorhouse Primary School. Children are encouraged to engage with technology and the internet safely and responsibly. We have systems in place to ensure only age appropriate content is accessible on the internet in school.


We encourage parents to take a look at the resources below and our online safety policy (on the policies page) for guidance on safe internet use at home.

Jessie and Friends (4-7 Year Olds)

Jessie and Friends is a great resource that parents can use to engage with their younger children about worrying or frightening situations online. When questions answer a question correctly they earn a star and can download a certificate to colour in.

Jessie and Friends can be found HERE.


For Parents - Nintendo Switch Parental Controls


All tech devices come with parental controls, but they're not always easy to find or understand and they can differ quite significantly from device to device. 

The Nintendo Switch, which is a very popular device, has a range of parental controls such as browser access, restricting games based on age, chat settings and more and more. 

Internet Matters have a great guide for parents which can be downloaded and sent out or added to your school website. Click HERE for more information.

Talking About Online Harassment and Abuse


Sadly, many children and young people believe that online harassment and abuse are just a part of being online, in other words - normalised. This should never be the case, but it can be difficult to strike up a conversation. Internet Matters have a really good guide for parents which they can use for conversation starters.

You can download the guide HERE.