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Edith Moorhouse Primary School Reach For The Stars




Vision and core principles


To promote and develop curious and creative minds

At Edith Moorhouse, we believe effective learning in science occurs when: 


Investigations are initiated by the children 

Children are interested and confidently sharing previous knowledge 

Children are given hands on experiences, including taking informed risks 

Children question the teacher to take their learning forward 

Links can be made to topics and real-life encounters 

Appropriate vocabulary is displayed and used by all 

Everyone gets involved  

Resources are relevant to the theme and in good repair 


Curriculum overview

At Edith Moorhouse we seek ways to harness a child's natural curiosity for the world around them. We encourage them to ask questions and come up with their own ways to answer them through an investigative teaching approach. Where possible, science lessons are linked to our existing topics through out the year in addition to enrichment opportunities being provided to enhance the learning that takes place.

Science Calendar of Events



World Space week - Monday 5th October - Friday 9th October - whole school

UK Bebras Challenge - 2nd - 13th November - KS2

AXA Coral live - 9th-19th November - KS2

Save the Rocks and Rivers - Thursday 19th November - LKS2

Our Royal Air Force and How to Power Trains - Friday 20th November - KS2

RAF STEM Ambassador visit - 11th March - Year group TBC

The Great Bug Hunt - Date TBC June - Whole School