Edith Moorhouse Primary School

Reach for the Stars!


The Governors at Edith Moorhouse play an active and positive role in the development and monitoring of the school aims and targets. We are here as a ‘critical friend’ to the head teacher and the school community by providing advice and support, but also to ask questions and challenge proposals and results. Governors make regular visits to the school.

Throughout the school year we monitor progress towards achievement of the school aims and targets, and we review the effectiveness of school policies. Through work in various committees, we are responsible for overseeing (amongst other things): Spending of the allocated school budget, recruitment of new staff, and ensuring the law is correctly followed in areas such as the curriculum, health and safety and safeguarding. A current priority for the Governing Body is to support a successful conversion to become an Academy within the River Learning Trust.

Governors are always keen to improve our engagement with all members of the Edith Moorhouse community, including parents. We encourage parents and staff to get involved in the development of our aims and policies and to provide feedback on ongoing achievement.

If you are interested in supporting the Governing Body at Edith Moorhouse, please get in touch - we would love to hear from you. We are an open and friendly group of people committed to improving outcomes for the children at our school.

Governing Body
Governor Name Category Positions Classification Date Appointed Date Stepped Down
Mr Lloyd Hill Parent Vice Chair of Governors, Health & Safety Parent Elected 13.04.2016
Mrs Nichola McCulloch Parent SEN & Inclusion, Safeguarding, Early Years Parent Elected Re-appointed 31.10.2016
Mrs Clare Morris Staff Staff Elected Re-appointed 21.09.2015
Mrs Marianne Ray Headteacher 01.09.2011
Mr Phillip Roberts Co-opted SMSC, Health & Safety Member Appointed Re-appointed 01.09.2015
Mr Simon Thompson Parent Chair of Governors Member Appointed 27.04.2016
Mr Andrew Hudson-Shaw Parent Premises Parent Elected 15.11.2013 23.02.2016
Mrs Helen Baylie Co-opted Extended Services Member Appointed Re-appointed 01.09.2015 01.11.2016
Mr Mark Cridland Local Authority Finance, Personnel LA Appointed Re-appointed 25.01.2015 01.11.2016
Mr Robert Holmes Co-opted Chair of Governors, Child Protection, ICT Member Appointed Re-appointed 09.03.2016 23.01.2017
Terms Of Office and Attendance
Name Term of office Attendance Sept 2015 - Sept 2016 Voting Rights Business Pecuniary Interest Date Recorded
Mrs Helen Baylie 4 years 6/12 Full RAF personnel
Mr Mark Cridland 4 years 12/12 Full Serco Manager, spouse of school employee
Mr Lloyd Hill 4 years 5/6 Full RAF personnel
Mr Robert Holmes 4 years 8/12 Full RAF personnel, spouse of school employee
Mr Andrew Hudson-Shaw 4 years 3/5 Full Recruitment consultancy
Mrs Nichola McCulloch 4 years 11/12 Full Civil servant, MOD, Human resources
Mrs Clare Morris 4 years 12/12 Full Employee – Inclusion Manager Related to person running sports sessions
Mrs Marianne Ray 12/12 Full Employee - Headteacher
Mr Phillip Roberts 4 years 11/12 Full RAF personnel
Mr Simon Thompson 4 years 4/5 Full RM Plc OXTS, Product Manager School software supplier. Relative of Town Council deputy Mayor 01/04/2016 01/09/2016